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Our Mission

The Delaware Valley Children’s Charity is dedicated to bringing relief and assistance to children and families in need throughout the Delaware Valley. We have said time and again that a new winter coat or bag of toys may not change a life, but it can change a heart, and that is where it all begins. People caring about people,
giving cause to hope and to believe.

Who We Are

Our organization works directly and solely to better the lives of underprivileged children. For the past 36 years, our annual Holiday Program has brought warmth and joy to thousands of area children in need. In 1991, The Delaware Valley Children’s Charity formally organized into a not for profit group, allowing the caring and sharing to continue 365 days a year. Since that time, we have assisted with requests from heating oil to hearing aids, and everything in between. The most basic of necessities are so often out of reach for those less fortunate; and equally as often they simply go without.

Along with our sponsors, volunteers and contributors, we continue to work toward making these already difficult lives a bit brighter.

Janie Wermuth and Ed Antoian,

Watch below to "catch the spirit" in action...

So here we go, our
Holiday Program!

How far we have come, and we know for sure that we could never have done so without you. Our changes have been many. We have gone from 5 children to nearly 7,000. From 2 cars to 3 semi-tractor trailer trucks and 26 twenty-four foot moving trucks, from 2 delivery people to over 300 (how about those numbers!).

We continue to believe that the greatest changes are those of the heart; hearts giving and hearts receiving.

Delivery Day 1994

Of course we will all miss our traditional program, the history, tales and heartfelt experiences. But together, we have this chance to make a difference, yet again~

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