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Above and Beyond - Angels Among Us

It goes without saying that our work does not stand on its own. We are held up and supported by the spirit and energy of the thousands and thousands who believe in the same. That said, please allow us to thank a few of the many who have gone way above and beyond.

McCloskey Trans.

Ever wonder how we can possibly transport the tens of thousands of gifts and bikes in just two days? Reindeer aside, it happens because of the over-the-top donation of three semi-tractor trailers and drivers from McCloskey Trans. Even with the other 27, twenty-five foot moving trucks, it could not work without these amazing people and their generosity. From Tim McCloskey himself, to the drivers, and Joy, our special angel, we have grown and succeeded because of their goodness.

Chris McKee

There is Santa, and then...there is Santa. Our beloved Santa has never missed a delivery day, or the chance to put a smile on the face of young and old alike. And this Santa even directs traffic! He has seen more than most over the years with delivery, laughed through most of it, cried through some of it, and embraced all of it. The day would not be the same without him. He is the common denominator that brings us all to the same place and reminds us about hope and believing, simply by being. A sleigh full of gratitude to the one and only Chris McKee.

Slachta Family & Duffer's Tavern

You hear much about "delivery day", but you rarely hear how tired and sore and cold and hungry our volunteers are by mid-day. They bounce back though and finish in style with a smile! Not a coincidence that the rejuvenation occurs after the fabulous lunch donated for many years by the Slachta family and Duffer's Tavern. This wonderful group puts out a spread you can't believe for well over 100 people. Any leftovers are then taken to local shelters. On top of this generosity, their staff and patrons sponsor dozens of children each year as well. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Marple Newtown Comm. Band

The Marple Newtown Community Band has filled the air and fueled our memories with their beautiful carols for as long as we can remember. Every year they show up at our "load and sort" night (the eve of delivery day). With hundreds of people moving thousands of gift bags, and through rain, sleet, snow, and ice, they perform the most wonderful music you can imagine. If you haven't caught the spirit by this special night you will surely find it here. Their presence means so much to so many. We happily sing your praises!

The Vanguard Group

One would think that sponsoring 1800 children through our annual Holiday Program would keep The Vanguard Group plenty busy... Think again. Just this past summer, they opened their arms of service even wider and we again benefitted from the generosity of their amaxing crew members. In seperate drives that take place all during the year, they donated thousands of diapers (one of our top needs) and thousands of school supplies (another huge request). We quickly and easily were able to find recepients for every single act of kindness. We have tried to find adequate words of thanks, however have yet to do so. We shall keep trying...

The Upper Main Line YMCA

For 32 years the "Y" has partnered with The Delaware Valley Children's Charity and allowed us to grow, above and beyond... Our hats are off and our hearts grateful to an organization that respects and furthers both service and community.

Small Hands, Big Hearts!

The most promising and rewarding thing we can think of is kids helping kids. We are grateful for this extra effort and for the gentle reminder that caring hearts and helping hands are all we really need. Eleanor Roosevelt said "the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." These small hands and big hearts have already allowed other children's dreams to come true. Here's to each of you and to changing the future.

DVCC Youth Ambassadors

Our 2019 – 2021 Youth Ambassadors are a special lot to be sure. Led by veterans Ben Donohue and Lexi Parsons, we happily welcomed Keira McHugh, Ella Garner, Nola Parsons, Jack Brennan, John Kelley, Brady and Patrick Bellew in the fall of 2019. While Covid 19 may have abbreviated some of our activities, these ambassadors remain behind us in spirit and support and we are forever grateful. This stand out group will follow the footprints laid by those who have done the work before them, and surely make their own great marks as they work with DVCC. They will be busy fostering interest and support in DVCC among classmates, friends and family as well as running and managing special projects. Every one of these wonderful students are a shining example of kids helping kids.

St. Max Kolbe

Students from St. Maximillian Kolbe's youth group "Kids in Action" organize a special collection to help other kids get off to a great start each new school year. By filling brand new backpacks with supplies, they offer great hope and relief to other children who would otherwise go without. Fearless and longtime leader Lisa Bice also helps the kids sponsor many children each Holiday Season. Great love and thanks for your many years of service

Villa Maria Academy

Villa Maria Academy's "Giving Tree" is made extra bright by the hundreds of new, beautifully wrapped gifts beneath its branches. Even brighter is that those same gifts are donated by the students, which will then be distributed through our Holiday Program. Villa families also sponsor over 200 children each year for this same program. From Easter baskets to Thanksgiving meals, the importance of service is made clear to all.

Sts. Simon and Jude

The student body and Parish of Sts. Simon and Jude has hearts full of spirit and hands willing to work! From stuffing packets, to being a part of the gift chain, to sponsoring over 300 children each Holiday Season, they have been with us every step of the way. Parishioner and organizer Cindy Moribondo is a true DVCC angel. Special love and thanks to this oh so special Parish!