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The first Holiday Program began with 5 children in 1986. The idea quickly grew, as did the number of children on the list. Within just a few years, we were approaching 1,000 names. Rewarding as it was, too often, we heard,

"This is so wonderful - can you imagine if we had help like this all through the year?"

Imagine we did! It was that wish that brought us to this point. When we organized as The Delaware Valley Children's Charity in 1991, we began to strive to fulfill the many needs of these children and families that occur the other eleven months of the year. Providing for the necessities, offering hope, and working to make their difficult lives just a little brighter remains our goal.

The Delaware Valley Children’s Charity continues to meet the needs that are too great to expect from others. In situations where housing, heating oil, food, and the many “special” requests exist, they are added to our lists. This same assistance remains available for the numerous calls for help that come our way right up until the holidays, and of course throughout the year.

As director, all administrative time and organizational management are donated on a volunteer basis. This allows for total and efficient use of contributions directly to our cause.

Over the years, the Delaware Valley Children's Charity, along with our sponsors and volunteers, has been able to bring warmth and joy to many thousands of area children. From new winter coats, toys, books, food and clothing, to housing and summer camp, we have assisted in more ways than we could have ever imagined. Together we have made a difference, and with that in mind, we will continue to do so.

We are proud to work with nearly three dozen human service organizations throughout the Delaware Valley. Their dedication to those with whom they work often starts the process of our involvement. By making their clients needs known and requesting assistance on their behalf, we are able to reach and change many hearts…

One of our greatest success stories arrived one year on December 24th. We received a greeting card with a check for $100 with a note saying:

"Just two years ago, we were blessed to have been helped by the Delaware Valley Children's Charity. My husband had been laid off, I was five months pregnant with our fourth child, and our oldest child was still struggling with physical disabilities he has had since birth. We honestly felt only despair as we tried to figure out how we would get through the winter, let alone provide any extras for the holidays.

You will never know the joy, hope and relief we experienced because of your kindness. I still don't know how you came to know about our family, but have thanked God so many times that you did.

I am excited to enclose this check. We are doing much better now, and I swore then that I would never forget the kindness that you showed us..."

This family kept true to their word and did indeed continue to “give back”.

We know that our sponsors and volunteers do not become involved for special thanks or even for proof that a difference is being made. However, this story, and more like it are because of every single person who has said,

“Sure, I’ll help.”